Owe’neh Bupingeh

Pueblo Restoration Project

Restoration of Owe’neh Bupingeh (o-WEH-neh Boo-peen-gay): Rejuvenation of the historic Pueblo.

The 700-year-old historic Pueblo serves as the tribe’s spiritual center and is of vital importance to the preservation of the Ohkay Owingeh cultural heritage. Through the Owe’neh Bupingeh Rehabilitation Program, the Pueblo is once again a vibrant, thriving residential area. Ohkay Owingeh is proud of the Pueblo’s history and heritage, and is committed to revitalizing its sacred core through knowledge, conservation, rehabilitation and, as appropriate, new construction. The rebirth of the plazas honors traditional community values and identity while linking the past to the present.

To date, the project has received a total of $8,972,563 for planning efforts, design, infrastructure improvements and construction. OOHA broke ground July 2010 on the construction phase of the project, and has completed 34 homes to date. OOHA has worked closely with an Advisory Committee and Cultural Advisory Team to identify priorities for the rehabilitation, ownership of the homes and construction guidlines that balance Pueblo traditions with modern living.

Funding Sources

Currently, the variety of leveraged funding sources consist of NM Historic Preservation Division, NPS Tribal Preservation Program, McCune Foundation, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Chamiza Foundation, and substantial federal funding. An additional $4,000,000 is needed to complete the final phase of the project

The tribe has decided to seek funding from the private sector to complete the project. This includes utilization of a $500,000 tax credit awarded by the state of New Mexico, incentivizing businesses and individuals to contribute towards the project’s continued success. For more information please visit our page on Fundraising.

Before And After

Mud Plaster

Preservation Project

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